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Research groups of Prof. B. Breit / Prof. R. Brückner / Prof. D. Plattner


Overview methods:

HTML documents PDF documents
htmlicon.gif Analytical HPLC 1 pdficon.gif Analytical HPLC 1
htmlicon.gif Analytical HPLC 2 pdficon.gif Analytical HPLC 2
htmlicon.gif Analytical HPLC 3 pdficon.gif Analytical HPLC 3
htmlicon.gif Analytical HPLC 4 pdficon.gif Analytical HPLC 4
htmlicon.gif Semipreparative HPLC pdficon.gif Semipreparative HPLC
htmlicon.gif X-ray for Structure Analysis pdficon.gif X-ray for Structure Analysis
htmlicon.gif ReactIR-Spectroscopy pdficon.gif ReactIR-Spectroscopy
htmlicon.gif IR-Spectroscopy ** pdficon.gif IR-Spectroscopy **
htmlicon.gif 250 MHz NMR Spectroscopy pdficon.gif 250 MHz NMR Spectroscopy
htmlicon.gif 300 MHz NMR Spectroscopy *** pdficon.gif 300 MHz NMR Spectroscopy ***
htmlicon.gif 400 MHz NMR Spectroscopy pdficon.gif 400 MHz NMR Spectroscopy
htmlicon.gif 500 MHz NMR Spectroscopy pdficon.gif 500 MHz NMR Spectroscopy
htmlicon.gif Elemental Analysis CHNS pdficon.gif Elemental Analysis CHNS
htmlicon.gif Mass Spectrometry coupled with HPLC pdficon.gif Mass Spectrometry coupled with HPLC
htmlicon.gif Mass Spectrometry Thermo Exactive pdficon.gif Mass Spectrometry Thermo Exactive
htmlicon.gif Mass Spectrometry MAT 95 * pdficon.gif Mass Spectrometry MAT 95 *
htmlicon.gif Mass Spectrometry TSQ 700
pdficon.gif Mass Spectrometry TSQ 700
htmlicon.gif Mass Spectrometry TSQ 7000 pdficon.gif Mass Spectrometry TSQ 7000


 * MAT 95 is no longer in operation since 2012

** IR-Spectroscopy taken out of service on mid-2014

*** Varian Mercury 300 MHz was replaced by Bruker Avance III HD 300 MHz in autumn 2014




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