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Research groups of Prof. C. Röhr / Prof. P. Kurz

Overview previous methods

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htmlicon.gif 57Fe Mößbauer Spectroscopy pdficon.gif 57Fe Mößbauer Spectroscopy
htmlicon.gif Flow injection analysis (FIA) pdficon.gif Flow injection analysis (FIA)
htmlicon.gif Head-space gas chromatography * pdficon.gif Head-space gas chromatography *
htmlicon.gif High Performance Liquid Chromatography pdficon.gif High Performance Liquid Chromatography
htmlicon.gif Ion(exchange) chromatrography (IC) pdficon.gif Ion(exchange) chromatrography (IC)
htmlicon.gif Karl-Fischer Titration (KFT) pdficon.gif Karl-Fischer Titration (KFT)
htmlicon.gif Titration automats pdficon.gif Titration automats
htmlicon.gif Polarography pdficon.gif Polarography
htmlicon.gif Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry * pdficon.gif Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry *

  * Method is no longer offered since 2013

 Further methods from the beginning of 2013

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htmlicon.gif UV/VIS/NIR Spectroscopy pdficon.gif UV/VIS/NIR Spectroscopy
htmlicon.gif UV Vis in-situ probe pdficon.gif UV Vis in-situ probe
htmlicon.gif Vis spectrometry pdficon.gif Vis spectrometry
htmlicon.gif Potentiostat pdficon.gif Potentiostat
htmlicon.gif Oxygen sensors pdficon.gif Oxygen sensors
htmlicon.gif Gas chromatography pdficon.gif Gas chromatography



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